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Whoopsy-Daisy: Child Destroys $15,000 LEGO Sculpture 1 Hour After Unveiling

Danelys Sidron October 24, 2016 October 24th, 2016

3 days and nights of meticulous work. $15,000 worth of original art. 1 hour of exhibition.

All blown to smithereens in 1 fatal moment of wild child destructo-mischief.

Artist Zhao had quite literally *just* debuted his latest piece–a larger-than-life LEGO sculpture of ZOOTOPIA’s fox con-man-turned-detective Nick Wylde–at the LEGO Expo on Sunday in Ningbo, China, when disaster (aka a small child) struck. Less than an hour after his reveal, Statue Nick met his untimely demise at the hands of a sneaky kid who snuck under the ropes and toppled him to the ground.

Nick, who according to Zhao, had taken 3 long days & nights to create and was reportedly worth 100,000 yuan ($15,000), exploded on impact into a zillion little lego pieces.



Why would the kid do such a thing? Mayhaps it was an extreme case of LEGO envy, fueled by anger that none of his own homemade creations achieved such realism. Zhao said that the parents were “very apologetic” for their child’s behavior; he says he won’t t seek reparations from them as the boy “didn’t do it on purpose,” but that it was very hard to see all this hard work go to waste.

Some mommy mags are using this news as a call-to-arms against lax parenting, claiming incidents like this and the Harambe fiasco could be avoided entirely if parents were willing to grow a spine and discipline their kids–prepare their kids before potentially disastrous situations like this, teach rules and consequences.


What do you think?


Source: Women’s Day, Mashable