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Totoro DIY Costume As Inspired By Adam Savage

Selin Kilic October 17, 2016 October 18th, 2016

Everyone adores My Neighbor Totoro, the mythical forest sprite who looks like a rotund fluffy bear. With Halloween around the corner, Adam Savage from our favorite (and sadly finished) myth busting TV show did a DIY costume for NYCC two weekends ago and the results were adorable.



Receiving tons of hugs and giggles, Savage says, “Totoro is based on nothing but love,” and it’s apparent everyone there thought to too. Watch below:

The giant cosplay didn’t come without issues though. The costume required a camera and in costume monitor, as seeing through regular means was out of the question.“You’ll see all these people hugging me where their face buries in Totoro’s fur at the bottom of frame,” he said. Just something to keep in mind should you want to try this at home for a halloween out with the kids, it might be better to bring another parent along in case a mini woodland companion goes out of frame.

Source: A.V. Club