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Father of 4 Girls Shows Internet The Reality of Parenting in his Instagram Photos

Danelys Sidron November 28, 2016 November 28th, 2016

With 190+ followers on Instagram, Simon Hopper, father of four daughters, shows the real reality of raising children; something that parents often sugarcoat in photos. His aim is to bring both humor and light to what parenting is really like, or so he told HuffPost when he said, “My whole account is to show a realistic view of what parenting is like from a parent’s perspective….there is way too much sugarcoating when it comes to parents, so I wanted to share what it’s really like and provide a bit of humor at the same time.” Simon has daughters that are 9 years old, 6 years old and two twins that are 10 months old. He describes his duties of a father as him being “a handy man, taxi driver, swimming instructor, tutor, chef, counsellor, human climbing frame, bank, personal shopper and PA” all in one.

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream (or for some sleep)!


When you give your eldest daughter an iphone so she can spam you with random emojis when she’s bored. Seems like its going to good use!


Bathing all together can save 3x’s the time.


Being a father: discovering how small you can compact yourself onto the edge of your bed before falling off of the sides


Outfit picking for the two most stylish twins


Fun shopping spree for all!


Sex ed can be a scary topic for your kid to learn about,  but imagine it times 4!


Selfie Queen starting at a young age. “Move out of my way!”


Overwhelming amounts of girl power


Revenge being seeked when denied cookies before dinner


The new types of ankle weights! Great for building muscle!


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