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Get Creative With Your Kids: Build A Customizable Robot

Audrey O'Brien November 22, 2016 November 22nd, 2016

We’ve got the perfect arts and crafts project for you: now with more science for your budding little Albert Einstein. A Kickstarter page by the company Two Bit Circus has started for a new creative toy that would let you build your own paper robot shaped like an adorable owl!

The owl’s name is Oomiyu, and the product is a “paper crafts and electronics make kit.” The outer shell of the owl is made with cardboard, which is not only sturdy and super easy to work with, but also is, of course, recyclable. Perfect for teaching your kids to be green.

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Its designers are hoping to motivate kids to be artistic and creative while learning about robotics. Everything needed to make Oomiyu comes in the box, with instructions on how to program the robotics and shape the owl. However, following the ‘rules’ are totally optional – kids are encouraged to make and remake the paper robots.

The owl comes preprogrammed with features such as being able to answer yes or no questions, working as an alarm, and ‘falling asleep’ after being pet. These all can be changed or added on to with Oomiyu’s companion app.

It’ll be interesting to see if this product is successful, because it seems like a hit to us.

via Boing Boing