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Tear Jerker Alert: Boy Sews 800 Stuffed Animals For Sick Children

Selin Kilic November 16, 2016 November 22nd, 2016

Everyone always says kids are amazing for their ability to blindly trust and selflessly love. Well 12 year old Campbell Remess has just proven that adults are cynical and kids are the angels we need to keep our rose colored glasses from completely shattering. So what is it that this sweet little boy is doing that’s deemed so attention-worthy? He spends most if not all of his free time to making stuffed animals for sick children at his local hospital! *Trying not to cry*


Dubbed “Project 365” by none other than the sewing magician himself, this young lad, who is a self taught tailor (stuffed animal creator?) has made over 800 stuffed animals total and 450 just in 2016 alone! We can all agree this kid deserves a spotlight, a medal, and maybe entrance into some university for his humanitarian work.

So how did this all start? After asking his parents at the age of 9 to buy gifts for all  the hospitalized children, he was told that though his idea was wonderful, it would be too much of an expense on his folks cash-wise.


Instead of giving up, as most children (myself at that age included) would do (let’s chalk it up to short attention spans) this wiz kid taught himself to sew, creating his “Project 365.” The project entails creating 365 gifts, made by him, to take to hospitals, charities and distribution points by Christmas to give to children.



But as with every story, you can’t master a technique in a brief time, so he started his project with rattle balls, then moved onto teaching himself to make teddy bears.


Look at all the happy faces and joy he is spreading!


He’ll even let you snag one if you’re an adult!


What an amazing human! He could really teach us adults something about the joy of giving.

If you want to help contribute, send in a donation to this wonder-kid so he can continue to afford fabric and sewing materials: project365bycampbell.com.au | Facebook


Source: BoredPanda