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You Have Never Seen Owls Photographed Like This

Gina Ginsberg February 15, 2017 May 24th, 2017

Photographer Sompob Sasi Smith from Thailand captured these adorable owls surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and stunning landscapes.

These creatures are incredibly human-like with their faces, you can almost feel what they are feeling! Owls are particularly challenging to photograph because they are nocturnal, illusive, and have magnificent camouflage which is essential for their survival.

Check out our favorite photos of these majestic birds:

1. Owl family snuggles in a log.

2. Sleepy,  Sneezy and Grumpy?


3. So Silly!

4. Woke up like this.

5. Hunter

6. You have beautiful eyes, sir.

7. Forest Lurking

8. Hello.

9. Do you know Harry Potter?

10. Who are you looking at?

11. How many owls do you see?