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15 Valentines Ideas For Kids Without The Sugar

Selin Kilic February 13, 2017 February 14th, 2017

Sure, lots of kiddos associate Valentines Day with candy and chocolate, but there comes a time when the children seriously do not need to consume another morsel of sugar. Of course falling into the conversation hearts or Hershey’s kisses route is always easy when it comes to supplying an entire class with VDay treats, but these simple DIY’s will help you hold off on the sweet stuff and focus on the sharing the love – without the sugar!


1. Will Zoo Be Mine?

Animal options and puns really are endless. While there isn’t a printable version of this, it’s a simple DIY. If you want to be punny and don’t have time to craft – check out these printable options: menagerie of jungle animal printables.


2. Whoopee! It’s Valentine’s Day

While these are crazy fun, you may want to double check with your kiddo’s teacher before having them hand out this card. While these certainly channel some goodold-fashioned fun, the My Funny Valentine card could result in mass hysteria for the classroom. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 and it’s free! Print the card (for free), tie on a mini whoopee cushion, and watch the fun ensue!


3. Be Minecraft?

These Minecraft Valentines are perfect for the mini Minecraft-lovers! The best part? This simple DIY is easy for kids to put together themselves.


4. You’re a-doh-able

These Play-Doh valentines are a fun gift for all! These are easy for adults to create with free printable stickers, and make it easy for all the creative kids.


5. I wheelie like you!

Kids with a need for speed will race to get these You Make My Heart Race valentine’s. you can order them on Etsy for $5.


6. You stole my h-Arrrr-t

These downloadable girl and boy pirate valentines are perfect for your first matey’s.


7. You make my heart go beep!

Check out these non-traditional ways to tell someone you dig them. Print out these super cards for free.


8. You put color in my life!

Can kids ever get enough colorful crafts? The answer is no. Everyone (parents and teachers included) will love these crayon valentines.


9. Eye Spy my Valentine!

It’s scientifically proven that you’re awesome! Let a special little someone know you’re looking to be their valentine with the free, downloadable and printable Dandee Designs cards.


10. Happy VDay, friend

This craft is perfect for your tot to show off their sweet skills for their friends! The friendship bracelet has withstood the test of time and now’s a great time for them to share the braided love. These Friendship Bracelet Valentines are fun, easy and you can download the printable for free!


11. Hey there love bug

For a creepy crawly valentines, use these mason jar printables and attach some critters.


12. You blow me away!

This one is crazy easy! Buy some bubbles and simply affix the printable ‘You Make My Heart Pop!‘ valentine to the bottle.


13. Will you stick with me?

Who needs candy messages when you can have something stick around longer? Print these  I Am Stuck on You valentines ($3) to pair perfectly with Valentine’s Day stickers.


14. You light up my life!

These simple and sweet Glowstick valentines get the message across brightly!


15. These Maze cards aren’t that puzzling to figure out.

Source: Popsugar