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Artist Transforms His Sons Doodles Into Amazing Anime

Gina Ginsberg April 3, 2017 April 11th, 2017

You know Thomas Romain from Space Dandy, Basquash! The French artist based in Tokyo now has a new series inspired by his sons where he has his boys doodle characters and he transforms them into professional anime characters! Romain calls the collaboration the Father and Sons Design Workshop. These drawings have gone viral and Romain has plans to make a book. Meanwhile, the boys continue to draw and their father just wants to boys who are eight and ten to see his advanced version of their ideas as inspiration for their artistic abilities.

Check out some of our favorite side-by-side comparisons!

1. Snake Fighter 

2. Fire Guardian 

3. Sand Golem

4. #8 K-3 (Keisan)

5. Eye Monster 


6. And our personal favorite: Magic Knight!

Stay tuned for the new drawing Romain posts every week, and have a creative day!

Via: Mashable