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Crazy Stories About Kids And Parents That You Must Read

Gina Ginsberg April 5, 2017 April 11th, 2017

Parenting presents unique issues everyday. Check out some of our favorite bizarre stories we found about parents in wacky situations. From strict food stories to unusual births, this will make your life feel easier.


1.Dad called unfit for NOT taking his kid to McDonald’s

A Manhattan father went to court for not taking his toddler to McDonal’s after throwing a tantrum. A psychologist claimed this made him an unfit parent. So what’s next? Jail time for no candy after nine?

Source: NewYorkPost


2. Mother fined for not giving healthy lunch

Another food one – authorities at a Manitoba school said that this mother’s lunch was not balanced without a whole grain. They fined her $10 and gave the kid Ritz crackers. Good thing they had the nutritious crackers to get them though the day!

Source: CTV


3. Women says she won’t hand out candy to obese kids 

One woman’s house was not equal opportunity for Halloween. She refused to give out candy to obese kids and would instead tell them about healthy eating habits. How does she decide what “obese” is? Also, what if they are wearing costumes that are intentionally bulky? Not cool, lady.


4. Sexual harassment on the playground

Boys chasing girls and kissing them on the playground does set a tone for early misogyny, but it is also an innocent game! A Six-year-old kissed a girl on the playground and is now listed as a predator and has sexual harassment on his record.

Source: Today’sParent


5. A woman gives birth to four but they are not quadruplets.  

A woman had triplets, plus one. This is rare and very complicated.

source: cafemom

Via: Today’s Parent