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Why you should definitely watch Boss Baby!

Cocoro Contributor May 3, 2017 May 3rd, 2017

Animated movies are not just for kids but adults seem to equally enjoy them. And if you are a parent, watching cartoons and animated movies comes with the job!

So Dreamwork’s new animated creation is out. It is simply ADORABLE. If you are one of those parents who keeps on thinking why your kids cannot get along then you will love Boss Baby. A LOT.

The story revolves around a 7 year old boy who gets jealous of his new baby brother. It is a really engaging and fun movie that gets into quite a plot that started from the very natural sibling rivalry. The best part of the movie is that how it teaches children to overcome their differences and learn to get along.

It gives parents an insight too, how your first child feels when a second one comes along.

Boss Baby has a really engaging and enjoyable script that one can relate to whether a parent or a child. The child seems to have quite an imagination and though the plot of the movie seems far-fetched it still is extremely cute. Boss Baby is quite a fun movie!

The little baby arrives in a taxi wearing a suit, wearing a tiny but expensive watch and carrying a tiny briefcase. All these teeny tiny things make him the more adorable. His look got him the name Boss Baby and Alec Baldwin has dubbed it remarkably.



The entire plot of the movie spins about a baby factory vs puppy factory. And as the movie progresses it gets more and more interesting keeping you hooked at all times! You will have to see the movie to know the full plot.

Babies are Cute:

Well that is a fact that but these computer generated babies are the teeniest cutest babies with their big heads, huge round eyes, their contagious laughter and their spirit! Whoa! Hint: Boss Baby is not the only baby you will see in the movie.

Boss Babies are whole lot cuter:
Boss babies pretend to be like normal babies but they are not. Nonetheless they are way cuter! Who wouldn’t find babies wearing suits and tie, carrying a briefcase working in an office? It sure is a cute sight!

Little Sidekicks:

There are number of really cute characters in the movie. Boss Baby has a badass team of none other than babies!

All in all, Boss Baby is great fun to watch and makes siblings realize how valuable family is. It makes them see how precious love even beyond blood ties. With so many awww moments in no linear manner, you will absolutely love this movie.

Boss Baby is highly recommended for families expecting a baby or already has one and facing the jealousy issues of their first child. It is really worth watching for elementary school kids. Boss Baby gives a positive message about love and teamwork. There is enough love to go around and kids do not have to feel unloved or unwanted upon the arrival or adoption of a new baby!

Must watch!

This post is a guest contribution by Cindy Hardy.