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Have Hatchimals gone the way of the Dodo Beanie Baby?

Gary Cook May 26, 2017 May 26th, 2017

Trends are something that come and go very quickly. With the help of social media, what is considered trendy and cool to have has become a very fast moving revolving door. This is especially true with toys. Last year the hottest toy to have was the Hatchimals craze. This year they are nowhere to be seen.

Hatchimals’ appeal came from the mysterious nature of the toy’s design. You would have to wait for the animal to hatch on it’s own before you knew exactly what it was that you got. Kids went nuts over them.

Even channels with only 120,000 subscribers were seeing viewing numbers nearly 20x that number if the subject was on Hatchimals.


Many popular toy reviewing channels spent tons of hours collecting and reviewing Hatchimals, and very quickly they became near impossible to get and incredibly rare toys. Although the demand for Hatchimals last year were absolutely through the roof, that same enthusiasm is seemingly nowhere to be found online. Many bloggers and toy reviewers have gone back to their routine different toy each week, and Hatchimal prices on ebay suddenly evened out. Hatchimals have seemed to return in the form of much smaller and much less valuable Hatchimal blind bags.

In comparison, channels with millions of subscribers only saw a small fraction of that viewing numbers with the Hatchimals’ new blind bags.


We have seen a similar phenomena before in the past — Beanie Babies. Beanie Babies were once just as rare, the actual rare ones being impossible to find. It wasn’t much later until Beanie Babies were produced so fast that  regular consumers couldn’t keep up with them and hardcore collectors were finding doubles and even triples of their favorites on the list. This made their value fall hard. It wasn’t long before the super rare hard to get Monkey Beanie baby was in the hands of anyone who happened upon their local toy-store.

Having that said, the Hatchimals shift is much different. Even though there has been some mass devalue online, many Hatchimals are still priced well into the high 80s and low hundreds, with bidding starting at 40 dollars minimum. The self hatching creatures are also just as hard to find in stores, many retailers only carrying the much less sought after blind bags. So what’s different? It might just be that that idea of the revolving door of trends has simply left Hatchimals. Their 15 minutes of fame gone, replaced by the ever trendy and Fidget Spinner.

In the world of trendy collectable toys, be sure to act fast because you never know when the next hot thing will arrive or what it will be!