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Incredible City-Living Storage Ideas For Kids Rooms

Gina Ginsberg May 8, 2017 May 8th, 2017

It can be tricky to manage the space in your home when you have new kids in your life. We picked our favorite stylish storage ideas for kids that is perfect for city living and small spaces. From playtime to slumber time, her are some great items that keep your children safe and their things stored!


1. A desk, a dresser, a bookshelf and a loft!   

A unique design good for small children into older years. The lofted twin bed has a fun feel and the space is a smart arrangement that feature paces for clothes, books, and a roll-out desk for homework! Made with Brazilian pine wood.

2. A daybed for a creative kid!

Another wooden bookcase option with a ton of storage that has the feeling of a young explorer. It features European glide drawers and shelf space for youngsters to show off their favorite worldly trinkets and other items they’ve been collecting.

3. A Sweet Safe Daybed for Toddlers  

Here is simple style for the young ones with pull out storage.

4. Toddler Twin 

A similar option for toddler’s with adjustable sides for safety to suit your child needs and comforts. Equipped with a storage drawer and choices of finishes for the pine to fit your décor

5. The modern child 

This simple design does not jeopardize style over function as it has ample storage space but will match your modern home.

6. A sturdy full Captain’s bed  

If your kid is lucky enough to have a full-sized bed, you don’t loose space by having plenty of drawers and shelving in the head board.



7. Pirate’s chest for their treasures 

Hide away their precious toys in this barrel-shaped toy chest.

8. Personalize in Pink

A simple spacious storage space to keep toys consolidated and add a personal touch that you child will love.


9. Ladder Case 

A simple ladder book shelf has tier levels which vary in size for different items and have an exposed back to show off your colorful walls!

10. A bookshelf that holds more than books

This curved shelf will last in style and function into the teen years. The bottom shelf if half enclosed for loose items, and the shelving gets smaller for books and smaller decorative items.

11. Sling Book Display 

This sling display case shows off your young child’s favorite titles and is approachable and user friendly, it will surely get you kids engaged with good reads.

12. Curvy Cube Storage 

This wavy modern shelving design goes beyond books with what it can hold.


13. The young artist 

A craft table which includes a drying rack and space for art supplies!

14. Table and chairs with shelves

A simple sweet set with enclosed shelving.

15. Three piece soft play table 

This square table has soft safe edges and folds away when not in use. Also includes two storage ottomans.


16. Jungle jingle bench 

The bench has playful jingle bell drums and a chest to hold toys.

17. Fancy comfy bedroom bench 

This elegant pink and white medallion fabric is soft and pretty and has lots of storage space.

18. Simple and modern 

This bench can go in any room and has cubbies for storage!


19. Ford stroller  

We saved the fun ones for last – these wheels will make your kid feel like the are driving the real thing with real doors, lights, 360 turning wheels, and a horn! They can also carry their other toys in the “trunk”.

20. Interactive push car 

This pretty ride will make your child feel like the are really driving and be inclined to be active – there are foot pedals and seat belt for them to safely get their roll on! The steering wheel also works with a horn. keep other items under the hood, in the cup holders, and fold down the handle so that the ride can be stored away.

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