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Jimmy Kimmel Shares Newborn Son’s Story Of Surgery And Survival In Heartfelt Monologue

Gina Ginsberg May 2, 2017 May 2nd, 2017

In an emotional monologue, Kimmel reveals the ordeal he and his family went through after the birth of his newborn son, Billy. They were unaware there were any health concerns until immediately after birth when nurses discovered that he was the wrong color and it turned out that he was born with a heart disease.

Billy then had to go through open-heart surgery and after a three hours it was successful. Billy was able to come home six weeks later. The ordeal is not over, and he will need to return to to the hospital in about three months for another surgery, but Kimmel is very pleased how the hospital staff handled everything and had a list of people at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to thank. He also made a few deprecating jokes and I am not even a Jimmy fan, but it was so genuine you have to feel for him and his family.

At the end, in addition to his list of people to thank, he urges people that no matter their political party, to be supportive of accessible healthcare, because families shouldn’t have to be rich to save their children, and that is something that all politics should get behind. This happened on April 21st, and has since had guest hosts fill in for him on the show so that he can be with his family.

Via: abc7