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Pokémon GO Season is here!

Gary Cook May 10, 2017 May 24th, 2017

Birds chirping, beautiful skies, and people posting memes of how horrible their allergies are. Yup: it’s spring. Avoiding mosquitos and caking on that sunscreen doesn’t have to be the only thing you and your kids do this season, it seems that Pokemon GO might be making it’s comeback.

Launched by the company Niantic in partnership with Nintendo early last summer, Pokemon GO was the hit trend of the Summer. Due to it’s nostalgic quality for older players of the franchise as well as it’s everlasting appeal to the younger audience, Pokemon GO had an explosive response across all phones, becoming the largest and fastest downloaded the App Store has ever seen and making $2 million daily in its first week alone. Many adults even reported on Twitter that they have gone outside and socialized more than they ever imagined to thanks to Pokemon GO’s influence. Once Fall and Winter set in, however, the monster collecting app didn’t see as much playtime or growth than the initial explosion that occurred upon it’s release. But that may soon change.

Pokémon GO has recently announced that there will be an increased chance to find Grass type Pokémon as a part of their latest event for the spring season. Niantic is no stranger to having special holiday events in the past, like increased chances to find certain types of Pokémon for Halloween or Valentine’s Day. The difference, however, may be the timing of the real world seasons. With increased good weather and people gearing up the summer, we very well may see an increase in the number of Pokémon GO players as well. Many people have said Pokémon GO enhanced their summer experience last year as well. This is great because Pokémon GO is a cool way to have fun while also enjoying good weather and getting a great workout all in one.

As you plan on getting out of the house this Spring and upcoming Summer, you may want to add Pokémon catching to that list Summer list of things to do!