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That weird S thing from Elementary School is back

Gary Cook May 26, 2017 May 26th, 2017

Passing down information from one generation to the next is a basic concept seen throughout just about all mammals, and humans are no different in that aspect. Along with survival skills, humans have also passed down things like science, math, and history. Apparently it is not education that also gets passed down to kids. That strange S thing elementary school kids all around the country in the 90s were drawing is now making a comeback.

Nobody really knows too much about this odd geometrically interesting letter other than the fact that if you knew how to draw it you were one step closer to realizing your inner Picasso. Recently, parents of kids in elementary school have reported that their kids are now drawing the S.

The strangest thing about this phenomena is that there is never any verbal indication of parent to child about the drawing, nor is there any pop Culture teaching of it. The idea that this cool and edgy design for a letter just self propagates is an interesting concept to witness.

This can go back to the idea of meme theory, which to put it very veeery simply is the concept that ideas travel and spread in a similar pattern to living things.

The honest truth is that nobody truly knows exactly when or how the S drawing came to be or how it continues to find its way to new generations. However, it has been reportedly seen all the way back to the 80s! Different age groups of people even recognize the S as different names. Many people originally considered it the “Stussy S”, even though that particular design has never once been featured on a Stussy brand clothing line before.