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These 5 futuristic items make things easier!

Gary Cook June 2, 2017 June 2nd, 2017

Whenever we talk about the future, it always seems like a far off and distant dream. The truth is that given smart phone technology and other great inventions, the future is as real and as hear as anything else. From robotics to flying cars, we have made it! However, all of these items as expensive. Here are some items that you can get today that are very inexpensive that could help your everyday home life!


Alarm Clock on Wheels

Getting up in the morning isn’t always the most fun activity, why not start it right with this cute little alarm clock that rolls around on wheels! The alarm clock can be programmed to jump up and down as far as 3 feet high, and fear not about chasing after it with sleepy rage as it can run away from you. Star Wars fans will also get an extra kick out of this device, because it also sounds like R2-D2 from the hit films! Now if only it can help destroy the Death Star…


Butter Knife with heat settings

This cool gadget can help for all those times the stick of butter is just too solid to get a good cut out of. This rechargeable butter knife can reach up to 70 degrees celsius in a matter of minutes to cut your cold spreads with ease and save that precious time. The handle of the knife will change color depending on how hot it is so you always know how powerful it is cutting, and the knife is easily cleanable with water. Just be careful not to let it soak!


LED Light Strip

Give your home that real Sci-Fi flare with these LED Light strips can can be applied to just about anywhere you’d like. You can put them underneath objects like couches or beds to give it a nice glow, or stick it on door frames and handrails to make them easily seen while other lights are off. They can also be programmed with a motion sensor and timer!


Constellation Night Light

Explore the Stars in your very own bedroom with this cool nightlight! This neat little item allows several different color modes to match the look of the room, and runs on AA batteries so there is no need to plug it into an outlet. It even has different timer settings, meaning you don’t have to go back into the room to turn it off!


Mosquito Repelling Bracelet

There’s nothing worse than a good hike or beach trip ruined by pesky mosquitos. Luckily, these bracelets are here to help! Trendy, lightweight, and easily adjustable, these bracelets are the answer to taking mist baths in the spray bottle alternative. Additionally, these bracelets’ scents are rather pleasant for people, not so much for mosquitos.


Whether you need to get up in the morning or enjoy a good Barbecue without the bugs attacking, these modern inventions are pretty cool and rather affordable, check them out!