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5 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Our Furry Friends

Gary Cook June 6, 2017 June 6th, 2017

Animals are without a doubt absolutely adorable. Many people decide to get a dog or a cat or another type of pet because of that fact alone. However, for some of us we have also been very cautious of what bringing a four legged friend into the household could mean.


  1. Compassion

It is indeed a lot of work to own a pet. You are exposed to doing things for another living creature you may not have to worry about otherwise. This is especially the case as we are younger. Pets can help us learn about the amount of patience and care it takes to feed them, go for walks, and teach them tricks! Speaking of work…



  1. Responsibility

Your pet needs you! It takes equal parts commitment and responsibility as it does compassion to take your pet for walks, baths, and the other hygienic necessities. It’s not always glamoruous, but understanding the direct cause and effects of looking after your furry friend can teach us the value in chores, especially for children.



  1.  Communication

It’s always fun to talk to puppies like little babies, but they will unfortunately not be able to understand you at all. Voice commands aside, body language and the pitch of our voices are the ways we can communicate with animals, and understanding how body language can help us communicate with our friends can also help us communicate better with each other as well!

  1. Learning

Pets can also help your kids learn, specifically read better! Studies have shown that dogs are especially helpful in reducing anxiety which can in turn increase focus in children. Dogs are often brought to schools for this specific reason!

  1. They bring us together

Pets don’t have to be cared for by just one person, and often can bring us together in mutually looking after our four legged family member. Everyone may even have a different relationship with the house pet and doing activities like playing with them together or going for walks can make a family even closer.

These are only a few things that pets can do to enrich our lives. Although it does take a lot of work to look after a pet, having one can be very rewarding!