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This amazing dad turns his son into an action movie star!

Gary Cook June 15, 2017 June 15th, 2017

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” A great question to help find the interests of a child, get them their favorite career choice’s uniform for a halloween costume, etc. These are all great ways to help that child live that reality of what they want to be now. Daniel Hashimoto, however, has found a new way to help his son live that reality, and any other ones he’d like!


A then freelance Visual Effects artist Daniel Hashimoto was bored one day and had the thought: “How can I make home videos as fun as possible and allow my son to be what he wants to be as a grown up now?”. Action Movie Kid was born. A youtube channel starting in 2014, Action Movie Kid has then gained a following of over 800,000 subscribers and an impressive 300,000,000+ views!

The concept is simple; Daniel’s son James plays with different things at home and at stores which Daniel records home movie style. Then using his expertise as a professional animator makes them larger than life videos. James has had all sorts of adventures as the Action Movie Kid from being the Captain of his own ship to being inside of the matrix and even fighting like in Star Wars!

For many audience members who are a bit older, it helps us re-live our childlike wonder and get a nostalgic feeling for what running around in the vast world was like. For kids watching the channel James’ age, they get to see the kind of creative world they hope for spring to life in front of their own eyes.

Since Action Movie Kid’s release, Daniel now does Action Movie Kid Full Time and has created multiple Action Movie Kid videos in the form of commercials for clients like Toys R Us and has even had a book written by Daniel himself! The commercials for Toys R Us themselves have become a 36 series ad campaign largely directed and led by Daniel as well.

On the original Action Movie Kid channel, Daniel and James still average thousands of views a video even to this day!