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Dog who lost their litter in barn fire adopts orphaned puppies

Odie Burnatowski June 16, 2017 June 16th, 2017

A barn burnt down outside Roseburg, Oregon causing the Nelson family’s dog to loose her puppies. Daisy, a 2 year old border collie and great Pyrenees mix tried to fight her way to save her puppies but it was too late.

Christine Nelson suspects the fire was caused by a heat lamp that kept the puppies warm.

After the tragic event, Christine recalled that Daisy stopped eating. It affect Christine deeply too since she was pregnant during the time.  So she set out to find puppies Daisy could adopt. She hoped that it would help Daisy heal from her emotional pain, and relieve the physical discomfort of lactation.

When Daisy’s story went viral, Christine was flooded with calls from people offering litters. But all of the offers were puppies that already had mothers.

In a town called Scottsburg, not far away from the Nelson family, a border collie gave birth to eight healthy puppies. The mother unfortunately had two puppies inside of her and had died a couple days later during a surgery to remove them.

The family from Scottsburg contacted the Nelsons to schedule a time for Daisy to meet the orphaned puppies. Nelson stated that “she laid down and they all instantly latched. It was crazy.” Now Daisy is their adoptive mother, regularly nursing the puppies. Nelson said Daisy doesn’t show the same attachment for her own puppies, but she is acting like herself again. It was a bittersweet ending for the Nelson family.

“I am so heartbroken over our puppies, but I’m glad they get along,” Nelson said of Daisy and her new litter. “It’s crazy how they just fit together.”