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Games that will be fun for you and your kids from this year’s E3!

Gary Cook June 19, 2017 June 19th, 2017

It’s easy to make the assumption that videogames are, well, all “fun and games” sometimes. While games and gaming has become a billion dollar industry for those who make them and is a growing competitive sports-classified world of adrenaline for those who play them, it is still fun on the hobby level for those of us who just want some off-hours fun at home. Here are some of the games from E3 – one gaming’s largest conventions – has to say about those types of games, and what fun and casual games we can expect in the coming months!


A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time features the space-time traveling Hat Girl who has crash landed on a foreign planet. The only way back is with the shards of hourglass shaped fuel shards to get her back home, the only problem? Many others are looking for them as well! This fun little adventure game is also very reminiscent of older games you may be familiar with like “Super Mario 64” and “Banjo Kazooie” which will surely be a blast from the past!

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

In this quirkly little farming simulator game, you play as one of the many villagers who was a part of a ship that washed up on the shore of an uncharted land. To save the day and get back to sea, you’ve gotta do what you know best: harvesting! The “Harvest Moon” franchise has been going for 20 years strong now, so you can bet that this cute game knows exactly how to make farming fun!

Hey! Pikmin

If your child is a fan of pokemon then they might enjoy Hey! Pikmin just as much! In this game you play as the fun Captain Olimar as he commands his crew of “Pikmin”, which are small plant-like creatures of varying colors that carry out different tasks for him. Using the different Pikmin, Captain Olimar can make them build bridges for him or even scavenge and find items for him as well! Kids will need to use the Pikmin to solve problems that the game has, and you can  be sure the Nintendo 3DS’ touch screen features will make this definitely an experience worth checking out!

Lego Dimensions

Though this game has been out for a while already, Lego Dimensions is always changing and expanding with its ever-growing cast of characters! Along with the game, kids can collect different Lego dimension figures to connect with the game in order to unlock new stories and characters, and build things within the game of course! Picking from popular shows and movies like “The Lego Movie” and “Wonder Woman” all the way to “Adventure Time” and beyond,  this will be sure to be a game your kid will not grow tired of easily as more and more things get announced and added to the game as time goes on. What’s even better is that this game has a two player mode and older movies like “Back to the Future”, so you can be sure to teach your child about some of your favorites growing up.


There are definitely way more games to check out, but here is a great place to start and get a feel for what kind of games are out there to enjoy on those days off that are just too hot out!