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Do you use too much sunblock?

Gary Cook June 9, 2017 June 9th, 2017

“Make sure you put on sunblock!” is a phrase that has been reverberated across the country both from sea to sea and decade to decade. It’s made the top 40 charts for years now, but is it a song that’s been overplayed? After all of those years of that decade long mantra and surprisingly, you still may not be using enough of it.

Sunblock is important. Too much Vitamin D from the sun can cause nasty long lasting effects that are no good for our skin. Sunblock in fact is hard to get too much of, and very often we actually tend not to apply enough. How sunblock works is that the ingredients and chemicals within it aren’t protecting us from the Vitamin D that the sun provides! Rather, it is protecting us from the UV rays that are found in sunlight.There are two types of UV rays to look out for. That’s UVA rays and UVB rays. The latter rays are the ones that we typically talk about when discussing UV rays and bad sunburn. After a fun day out and going back inside only to realize that you’re a bit red is from UVB rays. UVA rays are surprisingly hard to tell when it’s affecting you as it has no immediate effects like UVB rays. It’s UVA rays that cause the much long lasting effects like wrinkles.


As for Vitamin D deficiency from sunblock, there has been a lot of rumors about this but no substantial evidence aside from the unsubstantiated testimony here and there. Many times we often don’t use the full effect of the SPF factor that we purchase with sunblock! This is mainly because people fail to re-apply the block every few hours during a long day, toweling off, or after swimming. It also takes a bit of time for the sunblock’s effect to begin as it is first applied, meaning it’s best to use sunblock 20 to 30 minutes before going out for some fun in the sun.

As it gets brighter and warmer out, more speculation of sunblock may emerge, but it is still important to protect yourself from the sun — especially on those extra beachy days!