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Make Beaded Bracelets

Katie Park June 19, 2017 June 20th, 2017 Beaded Bracelets

As a kid, I loved making beaded bracelets and wearing them in the summer. Although this activity can get a little messy, bracelets are always fun to make. You can even make one for yourself!

Making beaded bracelets is relatively simple and you don’t need many supplies. Head over to the craft store and have your kids pick out the beads that they want to make bracelets with. The only other supply you need other than the beads is the string or stretch cord. You can find stretch cord at any craft store or even order them on Amazon for less than $6!

Once you have all the materials, pour the beads into a small bowl and cut the cord to the appropriate length. Then, tie a couple of knots at one end and start beading! When your child is done beading, just tie the ends together to get a beautiful and creative bracelet!