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The Secret Language of Toddlers

Cocoro Contributor August 15, 2017 September 5th, 2017

The first few years of a child’s life can be a mystery.  They are learning to talk, figure out new things and communicate what they want or what they maybe feeling, however it  still may be tough for you to figure out what they mean at certain times.

According to a recent article on the Parents website, there might be a way to dissect and discern what your toddler may want or be feeling as they learn to speak clearly.

Two-year-olds act out their emotions in some pretty bizarre ways and with these tips, this can result in success for the parent and even soothe the child as they struggle to navigate this new and strange world they have entered. Maybe with this information, the label of the “Terrible Twos” will no longer exist or it can simply be label something totally different.

Here are some tips to  help you crack the toddler behavior code.

She won’t look you in the eye. 

Translation: “I’m embarrassed.”

He wants to take all of his stuffed animals into bed with him.
Translation: “I’m scared.”
He lifts his shirt over his head when he meets a new person.

Translation: “I’m anxious.”

She hides behind the furniture when she poops in her diaper.

Translation: “I want privacy.”

She transforms into a total brat — throwing food, hitting, breaking toys.

Translation: “I’m feeling out of sorts.”

She pitches a fit while you’re cutting the strawberries she just asked for.

Translation: “I want it now.”

He yells, “No, my mommy!” when other kids approach you.

Translation: “Pay more attention to me!”

With these tips in mind, this can help parents react as appropriately as possible when your toddler has a issue that you don’t understand.  Also, this can provide the comfort and support that your child will need to grown and be successful in life.