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5 Year Old Is Taking The Art World By Storm! And charging a fortune while doing it!

Liam Ahern September 13, 2017 September 21st, 2017

Got a spare 90 sextillion yen (90 quintillion dollars… or 90 with 18 zero’s) burning a whole in your pocket? Then you could be the proud owner of this imaginary paper craft dinosaur hand crafted by the adorable Japanese boy behind five.blue-puddle.com.

The insane price point of these pieces almost suggests the little guy is making a conscious critique of price gouging in the high art world.  For example, check out the ‘Crawan Phytis’ which costs literally ‘Infinite number of yen.’ with 21 zeros after it, more Yen then even exists in all circulation.

However, some pieces are priced more reasonably and can in fact be legitimately purchased through the website.

While he receives some help from his father who set up the website, the boy creates everything and sets the prices which explains their childlike absurdity. He also dictates the descriptions of the pieces which are hilarious and border on the avant-garde.

For example, take this cardboard tube entitled ‘The mystery of mystery’ with the simple but poetic description ‘Life is a bastard.’

While art is of course in the eye of the beholder, the boy deserves credit for experimenting with a variety of forms. He currently sells paper craft, mixed media sculptures, and crayon/marker drawings.

At the tender age of 5 the boy has a substantial history of involvement in strange precocious projects. His father posted a serious of videos of the boy discussing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other heady social issues at the even younger age of 2. Unfortunately, these are not translated but the concept is universally funny.

Intellectual stimulation is crucial for the development of a healthy young mind and we applaud the boys family for encouraging him to stretch the boundaries of his imagination. He certainly seems to be having a good time.

As Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one when we grow up.” This little guy is already on the right track!

via – Rocket News