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7-Year-Old Girl With 3D-Printed Hand is Taking Major League Baseball By Storm

Rachel Jenkins September 18, 2017 September 18th, 2017

Sometimes social media reminds us that the world isn’t a completely horrible place. Case in point, it introduced us to 7-year-old Hailey Dawson. Born with Poland Syndrome, a birth defect that causes underdevelopment of the chest muscles, Hailey is missing 3 fingers on her right hand as a result of this rare disease. But that doesn’t stop her from following her dreams. 

After receiving a 3-D printed hand from UNLV in 2015, Hailey has been showing the world what she can do; and that includes playing baseball. Hailey has thrown out the first pitches at MLB’s Nationals and Orioles games, but she wants to keep going. Her goal is to set the world record for the most first pitches thrown and after the Bleacher Report released a viral video about Hailey’s inspirational story, the internet has been crying. Not only are we overcome with the feels, but MLB teams are RESPONDING!

Wait, it gets even better. Not only have the majority of MLB’s 30 teams responded, but other companies are even stepping up to the plate to help make Hailey’s dream come true.

This is an example of how the internet can be used for the greater good, and people can’t handle it.

But wait, it STILL gets better! Not only is Hailey making her way through the lineup of teams, but she is throwing out the first pitch at game 4 of The World Series… The WORLD SERIES! This little girl is making her way in the big leagues. Way to go Hailey, we are all rooting for you!

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Via: BuzzFeed