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These Adorable Half-Korean Siblings Will Make Your Heart Melt

Deli Xu September 8, 2017 September 8th, 2017
Meet the Lundes, a pair of freakishly beautiful siblings that have snatched the wigs of every other kid-model on the Internet. Half-Korean and half-Caucasian, these Canadian cuties were pretty much born camera-ready.

Lauren Lunde is serving modeling skills far beyond her 9 years, smizing with a ferocity that would make Tyra proud.

Her iconic auburn hair is always a subject of debate for skeptical netizens who claim it’s got to be dye, but baby pictures prove that Lauren’s gingery locks are 100% natural.

She started modeling back when she was still the tiniest of tots, rocking looks a million times more stylish than I will ever wear.

And because beautiful people flock together, it’s only natural that Lauren counts several k-pop stars as friends. 

Her little brother, Cooper Lunde, is just 4 years old.

His insanely-long eyelashes make all of us girls weep with envy. 

Why even bother with mascara when our lashes will never live up to this toddler’s unrealistic beauty standards?

Many people see a future for him as a K-pop idol. Which, yeah. 

Basically, the internet’s metaphorical ovaries have imploded. 

Your offspring could never.

I mean, come on.

Mom Lunde & Dad Lunde, your family is beauty #goals! Congrats on the amazing gene pool. 

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