This Shiba Inu Is So Photogenic And It Could Be A Model | Cocoro

This Shiba Inu Is So Photogenic And It Could Be A Model

Deli Xu September 20, 2017 September 20th, 2017

Once again, a Shiba Inu is making headlines for their undeniable on camera presence. Unlike the cute and adorable pictures that go viral, 2-year-old Roco is captivating audiences with her irresistible poses. Her owner posts pictures of the Tokyo native on Instagram and Twitter posing provocatively. She sure knows how to work the camera, just take a look for yourself!

This Shiba Inu knows how to make eye contact and she sure likes to pose on that sofa! Her owner says that ever since they rearranged their furniture and moved the sofa to its current spot, Roco hasn’t been able to resist striking a pose every time she walks past it. When Roco’s owner noticed her new habit, she immediately picked up a camera thinking it would be a one time thing. Now, she has fun with it and dresses her in all types of outfits.

These pictures make it pretty obvious why Roco has been given the title of “pin-up Shiba”.

Via Grape