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15 Adorable Kids Ready for Halloween

Rachel Jenkins October 2, 2017 October 2nd, 2017

It’s about that time of year again where Halloween is upon us. So you know what that means? Babies in costumes! I repeat kids in costumes! From the fuzzy and furry, to the cute and cuddly these kids are melting our hearts one adorable smile at a time.


1. This cozy and cuddly bunny is just as surprised by her cuteness as we are.


2. If all the animals are this cute, give us the whole zoo!


3. This little cow is the cutest on the farm.



4. This sweet and smily buffalo is ready for his closeup. 


5. Look out for the adorable snowman.


6. We can’t stop looking at this little chickens feathers.


7. Mary’s little lamb is beyond cuddle worthy.


8. This little roll is so cute we could just eat her up!


9. Check out the chubby cheeks on this little piggy.


10. Just a beaming baby bunny with her carrots.


11. This little wizard has us under his spell.


12. Just a panda contemplating the meaning of life. 


13. Grumpy chicken and grumpy dog are the perfect duo. 


14. That little bunny tail tho.


15. Life is hard when you’re a unicorn.


Now, suit up! It’s gonna be a cute and lovely Halloween again!