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25 Times Cats Were Secretly Ninjas

Rachel Jenkins October 26, 2017 October 26th, 2017

I think we all know that cats are secretly ninjas. I mean, they have 9 lives for crying out loud!  But one Japanese photographer, Hisakata Hiroyuki, is capturing their skills in ways we’ve never seen before.

From high flying kicks, menacing poses, to full on fights, these pics show just how legit these ninja kitties are.

1. “You want a piece of me?”

2. Soaring ninja cat!

3. Check out that form.

4. A stretch before a strike. 

5. “Come back here!”

6. Even trained fighters need to stop and smell the roses.

7. Ninjas kitties keep to the shadows. 

8. Stealth is important.

9. I bet you’ll never see him coming. 


11. Who will win the battle?

12. Watch out! 

13. Check out these skills! 

14. “Come at me, bro!”

15. “What are you looking at?”

16. This cat is one ferocious fighter. 

17. Soaring kitty.

18. Crouching tiger, hidden kitty. 

19. The pose before the pounce. 

20. His acrobatic skills are impressive. 

21. Don’t let this guy catch you!

22. Flying feline!

23. The other cats never saw him coming. 

24. You don’t want to mess with this feline. 

25. Check out that high kick! 

Via: Bored Panda