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This Adorable Sad-Eyed Cat Is The Internet’s New Obsession

Deli Xu October 3, 2017 October 3rd, 2017

Move over Grumpy Cat, there’s a new brand of cuteness out on the web!

Meet Luhu, a five-year-old cat from Beijing whose wide eyes and seemingly plaintive disposition have made him famous as the saddest-lacking cat on the Internet!

Luhu’s owner Maggie Liu adopted the kitten from a friend when he was just two weeks old. Liu had absolutely no idea that Luhu would grow up to be a social media sensation. Today, Luhu has over 158,000 followers on Instagram!

I honestly don’t know how anyone could ever say no to that face.

Luhu’s melancholic look stems from genuine physical trauma. He was born with corneal ulcers, infections of the eyes. Luckily, he got the care he needed, though his vision was permanently damaged.

Ms. Liu explains,  “He got operated upon which affected his vision, which is why Luhu always opens his eyes pretty hard when he needs to look at something.”

That’s right. Luhu’s not actually suffering from depression. He’s just trying to see things more clearly. He actually has a very happy life full of toys, dress-up costumes,  quality time with his siblings, and plenty of scrumptious meat cans among other tasty treats like shrimp or fruit.

Luhu loves kiwi, but he looks oh so overwhelmed by a whole box full of them before him.

Look at that face. It says “Doctor, we did our best, but I don’t think the patient’s going to make it….”

And if you didn’t think he could look any sadder, this is Luhu when he’s actually not feeling well. Awwww!

He also seems to genuinely dislike wearing party hats.

You’re purrfect the way you are, Luhu. We hope you never stop being yourself!

If you need a daily dose of cute, be sure to follow Ms. Liu’s personal Instagram account for all your Luhu content! ALL PHOTOS used with permission from Maggie Liu.