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Chris Pratt Loving Girl Carries Around His Cardboard Cutout With Her Everywhere

Rachel Jenkins October 20, 2017 October 20th, 2017

4 year old Amelia Healey got more than she bargained for for her birthday this year. She received a gift most girls her age wouldn’t think twice about… a cardboard cutout of her favorite actor, Chris Pratt. Why would someone gift such a strange (yet awesome) gift to a 4 year old? Because she loves him so much.

With her Guardians of the Galaxy themed birthday cake as the guide, Amelia was gifted not one, but multiple Star-Lord toys to showcase that her love of Pratt is the real deal. “‘He’s just cool’, is all she will say.” Amelia’s mom, Terri Healey, told the Huffington Post about her love for the actor. However, it wasn’t until after she opened the cardboard cutout that the fun really began. “We weren’t sure she’d put it all together but as soon as she saw it she said, ‘It’s Star-Lord! I love it!’”

While she does love Pratt as Star-Lord, it’s not the only role she’s a fan of. Amelia is also fond of Pratt’s characters in Jurassic World, and even recognizes his voice in The Lego Movie.

Since her birthday, Amelia has started taking mini Pratt with her everywhere. They’ve gone shopping, to the park, and even helped pick up her brothers at the bus top. “If she wants Star-Lord to go, he goes,” laughed Terri.

But it’s not just his memorable roles catching the attention of Amelia’s family, but more what Pratt is doing when he’s not working. Helping raise money for sick kids and their families, and visiting those kids while in the hospital, among other causes. “We greatly respect his work in that area.” Terri said.

Amelia and her family know all too well how difficult it can be to spend time in a hospital. Little Amelia has three forms of congenital heart defects, including complete heart block, and even has a pacemaker. “If her story can help others, we are blessed to share,” Terri said

Via: Huffington Post