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15 Times Wild Hamsters Were Actually the Cutest

Rachel Jenkins November 8, 2017 November 8th, 2017

When you think of wild and exotic animals, you think hamsters…….right? You also think of them as being extremely cute and photogenic…… right? Well, if you answered no to these questions, we are here to prove you wrong! Because these wild hamsters are not bred for cage life. These little balls of fur are out on their own, eating corn, smelling flowers, and having an all around good time in the wilderness.  Check out how these majestic creatures are even more adorable than you could have ever imagined.

1. Just a leisurely game of hide and seek. 

2. Posing for his closeup.

3. When you’re hungry and eat too fast. 

4. “What is this thing?”


5. Just trying to blend in. 

6. Look at his little hand holding the flower! 

7. “Oh, hey. Just eating here.”

8. Sometimes you need to stop and smell the flowers. 

9. “…what…?”

10. Hamster love.

11. Those little ears! 

12. Apparently hamsters can fly?

13. Check out those cheeks!

14. Such beauty, such grace. 

15. I never thought eating could be so cute! 

Via: Bored Panda 

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