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20 Animals Who Are Living Their Best Lives in the Sky

Rachel Jenkins November 16, 2017 November 16th, 2017

Turns out, pigs CAN fly! Who knew?? Most animals who fly on planes, travel in the cargo hold, which can sometimes be less than ideal conditions for our furry friends. But sometimes they get to live the high life and travel in the main cabin with everyone else. Most animals in the cabin are there for emotional support, but some others get permission for special occasions. Check out this list of adorable and sometimes surprising animals living it up in the sky.

1. After 12 years in the Marine Corps, Corporal Kiddy is retiring. When making an announcement of congratulations, the whole cabin burst into applause.

2. Oh, you know, just a kangaroo enjoying the flight in human clothes.

3. Such a well behaved kitty.

4. This pilot had a special guest on his flight.

5. The furriest travel companion. 

6. Apparently emotional support turkeys are a thing…

7. Pups first flight.

8. Hey, pigs really can fly!

9. Someone had a comfortable flight.

10. Well this is just the cutest thing.

11. How could you not enjoy your flight with this cute face next to you?

12. This cat found a great spot to enjoy his ride.

13. This pup gives new meaning to the world lap dog. 

14. Check out his shoes!

15. This fancy koala is getting the first class treatment.

16. Big dog on a small plane.

17. I wouldn’t mind those eyes staring at me. 

18. This is too funny!

19. March of the penguin.

20. I would love to sit next to this cutie.

Via: Bored Panda