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10 Toys Your Kids Actually Need This Holiday Season

Rachel Jenkins December 14, 2017 December 14th, 2017

Sure, kids seem to want a million things this time of year (or any time of year, really…), and we all know finding the perfect holiday gift can be a difficult task. To help in your gift giving quest we have a few helpful and unique suggestions. Here is a list full of ideas that are fun for kids, (and adults too) so fun can be had by the entire family.

1. Giant Bowling Set

This bowling set is a great outdoor game for everybody!

2. Shark Bait Sleeping Bag

Your kids will love to spend the night being gobbled up by this cozy shark.

3. Kinetic Sand 

Sand that holds its shape? Yes, please!

4. The Air Shark

This remote controlled flying shark is equally terrifying and awesome!

5. The iPad Paintbrush

A brush that acts like a real paintbrush, but without the mess? This is such a good idea!

6. Pie Face Showdown 

Getting pied in the face has never been so fun!

7. Speak Out 

This game is fun for any age, but beware of the drool.

8. “This Book Is A Planetarium” Book

A 3-D planetarium in book form? This is legit!

9. A-Maze-Ball Maze Game

Don’t get too dizzy trying to navigate this maze.

10. Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk 

This is the most beautiful chalk I have ever seen!