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Clever Hacks to Keep Your Kids Believing In Santa

Rachel Jenkins December 6, 2017 December 6th, 2017

It can be tricky, once kids reach a certain age, to keep the illusion of Santa Clause alive. They start asking questions and coming up with theories about this and that. So when that time comes, and your kids start to question the validity of Jolly Old Saint Nick, a lot of parents try to have them hold onto the mystery and wonder as long as they can. Luckily, we have a few clever Christmas hacks to help keep the spirit of the season alive and well if your kids are starting to become one of the non-believers.

1. Video Chat Santa – Website 

For a small fee, (and with needed access to a phone and computer) kids can chat face to face with the man in red. This is perfect for those kids who need to SEE the proof of Santa to believe. All you have to do is schedule your appointment in advance and plan on being by the phone for the call. It’s that easy!

2.  NORAD Santa Tracker – Website

NORAD or The North American Aerospace Defense Command has been tracking Santa online for years. From the beginning of December to Christmas, kids (and adults!) can track Santa and his movements from the North Pole to see where he is and when he is going to be delivering next! The site also allows you to engage in other games and North Pole activities as you are waiting for him to arrive.

3. Call Santa on the Phone

This one is actually pretty simple, but you need another willing participant to pull it off. Basically just change the name of a contact in your phone to say “Santa”, (adding a profile pic is a good idea too), and let kids know you have been in contact with the North Pole. It helps if it’s a person you talk to a lot, because if kids check, you can show them you’ve had numerous correspondence back and forth. Remember to make sure your friend is in on it too, just in case. Don’t want this one to backfire on you.

Still need some more hacks to help non-believers? Check out these 3 easy suggestions:

  • Use different wrapping paper for gifts from Santa than the gifts from everyone else.
  • Use different handwriting when writing on present tags. Remember, kids are smart.
  • Create Santa’s footprints use powdered sugar, flour, or baking soda.

Via: Daily Mail