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The Personalized Book Will Make your Kids Think They Went to the Wonka Factory!

Rosemary Scalabrino December 15, 2017 January 9th, 2018

This is the gift that keeps giving–and it’ll get your whole family involved! In the iconic story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only five lucky people in the world got The Golden Ticket to tour Willy Wonka’s mysterious candy factory. But with this exciting book collaboration between the Roald Dahl estate and WonderblyMy Golden Ticket offers a personalized touch to the already magical saga.

The book builds on the wonders of the Charlie and the Chocolate factory by exploring never-before-seen rooms that’ll get your loved ones excited to explore a new adventure that has been personalized just for him or her! Each room is different for each child, giving them individual ingredients based on their name. 

Not only will your little one be involved but so will you and the whole family. It’s a surprise for the entire household, making that special morning even more special!

Not only is this game lively for the whole fam, its uncanny realism will have you and your loved ones in shock. Wonderbly designed every candy wrapper in the book to make it look like Willy Wonka was the one who created them himself! They actually printed and photographed them! The cover even looks authentic because they used a luxury chocolate box maker to design it.

Doesn’t get any better right? Oh wait! It does. Wonderbly takes your little ones surname and “wonka-fies” it to create an abstract and crazy family tree that has been customized just for them!

The book ends with a personalized Oompa Loompa song that was made just for them and will have them singing!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been an iconic story, book and movie for children for the last  50 years. And with this book, your little one will really think he/she went to the Wonka factory! It’s a gift like nothing else, an experience to relive and cherish throughout the years.

All of this is viewable with your children’s name on their site!