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Everything’s Rosie is a Must-Watch for Kids who Love Adventure!

Kia T June 8, 2018 June 8th, 2018

Mark Woollard’s “Everything’s Rosie” is an animated children series from the United Kingdom that has been produced into 27 different languages worldwide. The show follows optimistic and enthusiastic Rosie and her colorful group of friends: Raggles a blue rabbit, Rosie’s smaller friend Holly, a mischievous boy named Will, Big Bear, Bluebird, and an ancient oak tree called Oakley. Against luscious trees, flowing streams, and rolling hills, the pals adventure between this beautiful landscape and their fun playhouse while solving mysteries and learning about the world around them.

Rosie’s leadership skills and friendliness make her an incredible role model for younger children. In each episode, Rosie and her friends put their ideas together to work against everyday challenges and help each other. With a natural setting, the character’s teach viewers about animals, bodies of water, plant germination, geography, and many other scientific concepts. While sometimes the friends may quarrel, they are great at learning how to get along well and use their creativity to have the best time on their adventures together.

Filled with humor and imagination, “Everything’s Rosie” is a great educational series that will teach preschoolers essential life skills and the power of teamwork and true friendship. With Season 1 available now, stay tuned for more episodes and watch for free on Cocoro TV!

Fans of the TV show will love Party Time: Rosie & Friends – a brand new, exciting and educational app for kids. This party-themed app encourages pre-schoolers to explore the wonderful world of Rosie and friends through 5 fun filled games, featuring much loved characters and music.

Rosie and her friends are having a birthday party and they want you to join in the fun! Help Rosie get ready for her party. Tidy away toys, design and deliver your very own invitations and don’t forget to make the cake!!!

Role play games are a great way to encourage kids to focus on activities that help promote concentration, co-ordination and the ability to follow instructions… plus you never know what kind of imaginative play you’ll unleash!! The interactive app allows children the freedom to take the lead and be creative, which not only aids intellectual development but also improves social skills.

The app is available for download on iOS and Android.