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Explore the magical world Cocoro! This is the destination for your kid’s imagination as they learn, play, and explore big ideas with the zany Cocoro gang. Full of fun for everyone, these colorful characters will take your kids on the ultimate adventure. So grab your maps and buckle up, this innovative channel is perfect for on-the-go families. With our web-streaming app, you can engage your voyager with educational shows any time, anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Foster your kid’s sense of wonder and help develop their big ideas today!


How to find us?

1. Find Cocoro on Roku

Cocoro is readily available both online and on the Roku device; simply search ‘Cocoro’ or go to the ‘Kids & Family’ section.

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2. Add Channel to your Roku Account.

Select Add channel. On the Roku device, it will automatically start downloading.  On the website, sign in with your Roku email and password and select Continue.

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3. Don’t have a Roku device?

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4. Create an account.

You can create an account right from your Roku player or on your online browser. Your Roku player will provide you with a Link code that you should enter in the following format: my.roku.com/link. A Roku account is totally free, but you will be prompted to to enter payment information to provide convenience for purchasing anything from the Roku Channel Store.








5. Start Watching

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